Dental Appointment that leads to Yeast Infection?

19 Dec

Jo had her first dental cleaning. We are regularly followed up by Shands Craniofacial dentistry (among many other departments) but they always tell us to make an appointment to have her teeth cleaned and get to know a pediatric dentist in our area yada yada.

Well Josie started antibiotics because of her heart. During even a routine cleaning, bacteria can enter the bloodstream. For a normal heart, not a big deal at all. For a heart with tons of scar tissue, a very narrow aorta and bicuspid valve that doesn’t open all the way, can be a very big deal leading to a bacterial endocarditis which can destroy your heart rapidly. Bad. Scary.

So she took some antibiotics.

Antibiotics kill your good bacteria too unfortunately.

Today while changing Josie’s diaper I noticed she had a yeast infection (actually my first reaction was what did she get into her diaper but that’s getting a bit detailed. She’s never had one before and neither have I, so it was a learning experience).

So I gave her a bath and changed her and put her to bed (naptime) to google.

Not sure if its a big deal? I keep reading it can be if you have a weakened immune system, but I think it must be if it’s very weak? I hope. Anyway, it sucks. I do have some pro (pre? I forget) biotics for her but I think they expired. Tomorrow is Monday so I will give the ped a quick call and actually Mary has a ped appointment Tuesday anyway with a nurse. So I can always ask then, but I’d like to be sure about it. Poor babe.

The dental appointment itself went astonishingly (don’t use that word lightly either) well. She LOVED the waiting room. There was only 1 lady in the adult waiting room and Josie decided she would like to be friends with her and kept trying to snuggle up to her and sit in her lap — sorry ma’am (she was really nice).

Then Josie wandered into the kids waiting room. Boy was she in heaven. She had it all to herself — a wall with different toys and a beanbag and low chairs to crawl on, and they even had Elmo on TV. So Brian, me and Mary hung out in the adult area and you could hear Josie giggling and squealing with glee the entire time I filled out forms asking, “has your child ever been hospitalized? When and why?” and the answer blank was big enough for maybe 6 words.

I answered in four: See attached medical history.

I hate filling out forms like that. Then they always ask you anyway to clarify. Plus they never know anything about anything I write anyway.

“Veeee-lo-cardio… what? Uh, what now?”

“Just call it Digeorge”

“Des … can you repeat that?”

“Oh just put 22q”

“But what was the disease?”


“Twenty… two… pause … q?”

“22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome. It’s the 2nd most common genetic disorder after Downs.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Tell me about her oral history. She doesn’t still use a pacifier right?”

Ugh. If you could have been there through her cleft repair.

I just answer “No.”

“Ok well when did she stop taking a bottle or breastfeeding?”

Brian answers quickly, “Day 1″

We laugh.

“What?” the lady with the forms looks quizzical.

And on it goes. Every time. Just clean her teeth. She has oral aversion; she needs antibiotics for her heart — that’s all you need to know. Thanks!

The end. I’d bow for my performance but that’d be stupid bc I’m sitting in my living room and no one is even around.

Anyway, Josie loved the place. She loved the hygienist. A really nice woman she didn’t want to leave at the end. She let her clean her teeth for the most part. Even the suction thing which I guess traumatized me and Brian more at her last operation than Josie — Brian said well she was unconscious when we used it to suction blood out of her mouth all night.

Oh yeah.

But she didn’t like Dr Carey. Oh no not one bit.

But she loved that kid waiting area so all in all… lol. And she only has 1 bad tooth whatever it means. I hate when you talk to a doctor who’s just so above answering the questions you have bc he thinks he’s so much smarter than dumb ole parents.

We may see a different dentist next appointment. Maybe.

Could have been worse. And now we are trying to lay off the starchy, refined sugar, processed foods that are actually putting weight on our skinny mini. But the girl LOVES her goldfish crackers so we will see.

And now just left with restoring the good bacteria to her body.

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